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Become a Firefighter

Are you interested in joining the Eden Fire Department? The only requirements are that you are 18 years of age or older and live in the Eden Fire District (or within close proximity).  The Department requires you to attend a NYS Firefighter 1 training course in your first two years of service in the department.

NYS Firefighter 1 is a total of 120 hours and combines classroom lectures and hands-on training sessions.  It is hosted at fire companies throughout the county, and can be taken either 2-3 days per week over a few months or in a boot camp setting over the Summer (two weekends and two weeks of Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm). If there are limitations that prevent an individual from being able to complete the NYS Firefighter 1 training course, other accommodations can be made depending on the circumstances.  The Firefighter 1 training course will teach the recruit the basics of what they will need to know to begin their career in the fire service.  However, the firefighters training does not end with the completion of the course.

The Eden Fire Department requires each of their members to attend a minimum of 6 in house drills as well as respond to 10% of the total fire alarms annually.  We urge our members to go above and beyond the department minimums and take advantage of the many training resources available to them from the State of New York as well as Erie County.  Being a volunteer firefighter has its benefits, although the requirements can be demanding, the level of satisfaction is extremely high and potential rewards are endless to today‚Äôs firefighter.  If you are interested in being a volunteer firefighter, you can submit an application or contact the Department for more details.

2024 Line & Social Officers

Firematic Officers
Malcolm VanKoughnett, Chief

Joseph Hart, 1st Asst. Chief
Dean Nelipowitz, 2nd Asst. Chief
Adam Laing, Captain
Matthew Szal, 1st Lieutenant
Christopher Doyle, 2nd Lieutenant

Executive Officers
Thomas Schreiner, President

Joseph Winiecki, Vice President
Joseph Winiecki, Secretary
Kelsey Hunter, Co-Secretary
Jonathan Agle, Treasurer

Board of Directors
David A. Cole
Jonathan Agle
James Salzler
Joseph Hart
Michael Hart
Matthew Colvin


2024 Membership

Greg Achtyl
Jon Agle
Jayden Bellomo
David A. Cole
Christopher Colvin
Matthew Colvin
Christopher Doyle
Jacob Filbey
Norm Fisher
Christopher Greeley
Richard Greeley
Timothy Hanrahan
Joseph Hart
Michael Hart
Jason Henry

William Henry
Michael Hine
Kelsey Hunter
Larry Hunter
John Hurd
Michael Jacobs
Dakota Kitchens
Jeremy Kunch
Adam Laing
Mitchell Laing
Paul Laing Jr.
William Laing
Dean Nelipowitz
Tina Nelipowitz
Patrick Reister

David Rice
Gary Rice
James Salzler
Thomas Schreiner
Ben Shephard
Vicky A. Sickau
William Sickau
Mark Smythe
Robert Stickney
Matthew Szal
Malcolm VanKoughnett
Matthew VanKoughnett
Susan Wilhelm
Joseph Winiecki
Paul Winiecki

Contact the Eden Fire Department

Physical Address:
2791 East Church Street
Eden, New York 14057

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 85
Eden, New York 14057

Phone Number:
(716) 992-4062